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Portfolio and praise

Portfolio and praise

Recent work

Here are a few of the sites and blogs I’ve worked on lately – and further down on the page, you’ll find some kind words from people who have worked with me, and a bit about my background.


“WOW you are BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE my site…I have just looked through it with my husband and daughter….it means SO much to all of us…this has been quite a journey!! I so appreciate all you have done & your patience with me!! You are VERY talented!! Mahalo Nui Noa (thank you very much) for all your gifts and time in making this happen!!”
Emma Mitchell, Healing For The Healer’s Soul

“Amanda is an inspired creative who has the unique ability to work incredibly well with others. Out of my words, she created the website that was beyond my wildest dreams. She listened to me, and took my concept to a level that I had not imagined possible. Working with her throughout the day was a fun, bubbly, positive experience. Where I would have gotten defensive or short with all the requested changes, she stuck with me in pursuit of my best website, making all the nit-picky changes for me. Her handy guide has been invaluable, she clearly knows what people need to troubleshoot! And she’s been super with answering a few follow-up questions. Her customer service is impeccable. I’d like to go shoe shopping with her, and then recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues that need a website that will make you STAND OUT in this crowded world.”
Ellen Ercolini, The Creative Giraffe

“I am BEYOND thrilled with our experience working with Amanda at Better Than Chocolate Web Design! She expertly translated the vision of our non-profit organization from paper to screen. We receive a steady stream of compliments on the design and functionality of our website! Working with Amanda is a dream – she is communicative, knowledgeable, collaborative and incredibly kind. I never knew what a breeze it could be putting together a website (in one day no less).
Thank you, thank you Amanda!!”
-Carol Watanabe, Founder of Little Patriots Embraced

“Thanks, Amanda, for everything! I very much enjoyed the whole process – you are very comfortable and easy to work with and I almost wish I had another website to work on to do it all again!”
Leslie Linnebur, Linnebur Design

“AWESOME! I am so so excited! The website looks amazing! Thank you so so much!”
Kelly Callahan, Naked Chocolat

“Thanks again for the AWESOME day today. This was the most pleasant, inspiring, fluid experience with a web designer I have EVER had. Hands down. Especially because I know I can be very detail focused and a bit of a perfectionist, but you were so gracious and willing to make our site look amazing all around. (I didn’t mean it to sound like a testimonial, but you can definitely use that as one. And I would be MORE than happy to write a formal testimonial out). You rock!”
Natalie Vartanian, Coaching By Natalie

“I just had my website reviewed LIVE by Marie Forleo from Rich, Happy and Hot B-school ( and she said it’s one of the best she’s ever seen (btw–there are over 600 other women in my business group right now :) I have to give a lot of credit to my web designer Amanda Aitken from!”
Nicole Smoot Tengwall, Tranquil Baby infant massage and postpartum parenting classes

“I absolutely love your concept, the fact that you target women, and even the way you present your web services to us. It’s like putting a pretty pink ribbon on something generally so masculine.”

“I’ve recovered from our Chocolate Session and I thought that it was fabulous! You are a Goddess and a Saint.”
Stef Coleman, Perfectly Honest Love

“You are soooo in my head Amanda! I just love working with you! It’s really humbling to see your spirit put onto a webpage! Wow.”
KimbraLee DeSantis,

“After learning that Amanda was more than just fast, and that she was also a copywriter, an online marketing expert and someone who writes for magazines, I immediately knew that I was in good hands.”
Hillary Rubin, Author, Leader of the Transformational Wellness Revolution, Self Improvement Coach, and Host of Get Real with Hillary

“You are going to get a HUGE recommendation from me. I am so glad that I went with my gut and hired you even though you are all the way in Montreal instead of hiring someone here.”
- Jenn, Style Inc. Studio

“THANK YOU so much. Im really happy and everyone who has seen the site so far is stunned. They love it. I am sure I will be in touch in the future if I want to make little changes as you are more intimate as I am with the site. Youve been such a pleasure to work with, even when I probably wasnt being very clear or decisive on my concepts. You are so professional and I would highly recommend you.”
- Melissa,

“Wow! You are amazing! It gives me goosebumps it’s so cute! I’ve already told a few people how great you’ve been.”
- Tawna Allred, Reve Decor Interiors

“Amanda was smart, helpful and unfailingly pleasant– even when my design requests required her to make infinitesimal changes, and despite my complete lack of knowledge. Her responsiveness and good cheer coupled with her skill and know-how make working with her both a success and a pleasure. I will certainly use her for my next site in the near future!”
- Marge Perty, A Sweet and Savory Life

“Working with Amanda on my Thesis-based blog was really fun! She exhibited endless patience as I tweaked and tweaked, and as a result, I am really happy with the result. Plus she never treated me like the ludite that I am, and now I feel much more empowered.”
- Justine Hand, Design Skool

“I also found Amanda through her “Website in a Weekend” tutorial on Design*Sponge. After I followed her very good instructions and hit a dead end due to my own luddite limitations, I turned to her to put the finishing touches on my site. She was able to execute everything I asked for, and she did so quickly and directly. I appreciated her willingness to explain things on my level so that I could learn a bit while, at the same time, she just got the job done. Everything delivered as promised!”
- Liz Daleske, Manhattan Luddite

“Amanda was a great pleasure to work with. She really helped me think about the clientele I wanted to target, and the best way to reach them. She also solved some very tricky design issues involved in presenting my work in a user friendly interface. As a designer myself, I found her a dream to work with, creative, versatile and with the skills to execute intricate, highly tailored work.”
- Gretchen Achilles, Wavetrap Design

“Thanks so much for everything Amanda, it has been so awesome working with you. I am very blessed!!”
- Lauryn Galloway, Lauryn Galloway wedding and portrait photography

“I have to say, Amanda, the site looks fantastic and you’ve been so great to work with!”
- Alex Keller, Alex Keller Studio

“I worked with Amanda to develop my personal website and blog. She was great to deal with and delivered exceptional value at a very reasonable price. She is highly knowledgeable about web design and digital marketing more generally and is also artistic and creative. Amanda was a pleasure to deal with and really helped enable me to manage my site myself by taking the time to transfer the required knowledge. I would highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.”
- Jackson Wightman,

My church was “online”, but none of us were able to modify the site in any way, and so it was really quite useless and out of date. Amanda was able to transform our website within a very short time. She met all our deadlines. More importantly, she really helped to make the site attractive and easy to use. I have very little computer knowledge and no experience with using – never mind managing – a website. Amanda was able to introduce me to WordPress and teach me how to use it quickly and effectively, which feels like a miracle to me. She made us an excellent manual which was very helpful and which I refer to all the time. More importantly she was accessible and helpful every time I had a snag. I modify the website all the time and am learning to use it more effectively as well. It is easy and I can even say it is fun. I highly recommend Amanda.
- Heather Doucet, St. Stephen’s Church

I really like the creativity of your sites and the fact that each of them looks different (so many designers have one basic look that they use for everything – ick).


I’m proud to be a DoubleMule Certified Thesis Designer!

A bit about me (Amanda)

I’ve been obsessed with the Internet for as long as I can remember. It all started with a Felix The Cat-themed website I cobbled together when I was 13, and I never got tired of tinkering on the web.

On top of designing websites, my background includes several years working in online marketing, as a copywriter, and as a magazine writer/translator. I bring all my experience and knowledge to the table when I design sites for my Better Than Chocolate clients, so you can rest easy knowing you’re going to get a truly delicious final product. :)

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