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Removalists in Perth – Logo Design

As we’ve previously mentioned. We don’t only do website design, we do a lot more than that. In fact, we do pretty much anything to do with designs. For a complete list, please refer to our services page. One example is logo designs, whether its a complicated one or a simple yet effective one. Just live it to us. In this post we’re featuring a logo we did for a removalist in Perth.

The design was somewhat simple but a lot of planning went into producing it. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; so here’s the logo:

crusader removals logo

The first thing you may notice is the very slight slant of the wordings. It is meant to represent “on the move”. Being a removal company, this suit the guys at Crusader Removals just fine! When we were brainstorming for ideas, words like move, packing, trucks were the first ones to come in our mind. We ended up going with “on the move” and hence the word is flowing ever so slightly to symbolise motion in action.

Another thing that most of you will probably ask at one stage or another is why the helmet logo? To one of our designer, it is one he can relate to it too well. One of our senior designer Joe came up with this brilliant idea of using the logo of a knight armored helmet. When ask why? The answer is straightforward.. that is, the strong metal armored helmet represent strength and full protection. When you think about it, it goes hand in hand with being a removalist. Removalists such as Crusader Removals quality service comes with a protection guarantee that if your belongings were damaged during a move that they’ve done, then they will replace it with a brand new item.

How cool is that? In fact, one should never hire a removal company to do the job unless they offer such guarantee. Because being on the job carries a lot of risk of something going wrong. Especially with a deadline to meet and the battle with traffic on the road.

That pretty much wraps up the story behind this particular logo for the Perth removalist trading under the name Crusader Removals.

So if you’re looking for someone to design your logo, do not hesitate to contact us!