Daily Archives: April 19, 2016

Need a different design approach?

Like we’ve mentioned in one of our pages, do not judge the book simply from its cover. Here at Better Than Chocolate we don’t focus on the aesthetics. Instead we make it “deliciously ugly”! What do we mean by that? Well, to put it in layman terms – something that sells rather than be an object in the corner.

Our popular services includes a wide range of stuff including web designs, logo designs and even designing your html email template for your web newsletters.

In particular, web design is a highly sought after by many small business owners and bloggers alike.

web design pic

It comes to no surprise to us because many business owners are simply too busy with running their business than worry about a logo design! But that’s ok, that’s why we’re here.. to look after the stuff that you’re not looking after but considered important such as the design of your website.

But remember, we do more than just website design. Way more! So why not give us a call on (08) 9005 1433 to find out more.