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Web Design for Storage Perth WA

When doing a job for our client, we always like to feature them on our website. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. We obviously get to do some work for them and in return they get some exposure to their website. Because when it comes to local businesses, exposure will turn into leads and ultimately paying customers.

In this post, we’d like to feature a storage facility that offers both commercial storage and domestic storage. Who is this company? Search storage perth (link will take you to their website) and you should find them. Yep you guess right, the company is called Storage Perth WA is one of our valued client who have approached us to do their web design. In fact we didn’t do the whole thing, instead they just wanted us to design the core of it. Well, in a nutshell, a some sort of template. Once the template has been set up by us, it is then up to the client to put the finishing touch. This is a good example of how we can take a partial job. So there is no job that is too small for us.

Anyways, the web design we decided to go with for Storage Perth WA was somewhat a simple one. But that’s ok for us. The main thing that we are trying to achieve is online conversion, basically maximising the ratio of web visitors who ends up calling the business. Because the end of the day it is about the leads right? Well, if you ask any business owner, they will agree.

The template we came up with was a content area (of about a couple of centimetres indentation either side) with a full background. One thing that is important when you have a background picture on your website is to make sure you minimise the size of the picture. The bigger the actual picture size is, the slower the page will load. This sure will have a negative impact on the user experience. So instead, we recommend something of quality but with a relatively small file size. One way to achieve this is to shrink or resize the picture. There are many great tool online that you can use to reduce the file size (similar to file compression) considerably but with similar quality visually.

Here’s a snapshot of the project at a particular time (click on image to enlarge):

storage perth wa template

So you can see that we go beyond than just designing a website. In fact, a lot lot more. So when you are looking for someone to look after any sort of design, you know who to call (wink wink).

But if it’s storage that you need, then call Storage Perth WA, not us! Whilst we specialise in design, Storage Perth WA specialises in.. well.. storage! They can be contacted on (08) 9468 8044.

Just like we mentioned above, because Storage Perth WA kindly contacted us to do their design, the very least we can do is give their business some exposure by featuring them on this website. Of course, we ask for their permission. But thus far, all of our clients said yes to this offer (mentioning them on our website). Why wouldn’t they! Again, just like we said previously, it is a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Removalists in Perth – Logo Design

As we’ve previously mentioned. We don’t only do website design, we do a lot more than that. In fact, we do pretty much anything to do with designs. For a complete list, please refer to our services page. One example is logo designs, whether its a complicated one or a simple yet effective one. Just live it to us. In this post we’re featuring a logo we did for a removalist in Perth.

The design was somewhat simple but a lot of planning went into producing it. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; so here’s the logo:

crusader removals logo

The first thing you may notice is the very slight slant of the wordings. It is meant to represent “on the move”. Being a removal company, this suit the guys at Crusader Removals just fine! When we were brainstorming for ideas, words like move, packing, trucks were the first ones to come in our mind. We ended up going with “on the move” and hence the word is flowing ever so slightly to symbolise motion in action.

Another thing that most of you will probably ask at one stage or another is why the helmet logo? To one of our designer, it is one he can relate to it too well. One of our senior designer Joe came up with this brilliant idea of using the logo of a knight armored helmet. When ask why? The answer is straightforward.. that is, the strong metal armored helmet represent strength and full protection. When you think about it, it goes hand in hand with being a removalist. Removalists such as Crusader Removals quality service comes with a protection guarantee that if your belongings were damaged during a move that they’ve done, then they will replace it with a brand new item.

How cool is that? In fact, one should never hire a removal company to do the job unless they offer such guarantee. Because being on the job carries a lot of risk of something going wrong. Especially with a deadline to meet and the battle with traffic on the road.

That pretty much wraps up the story behind this particular logo for the Perth removalist trading under the name Crusader Removals.

So if you’re looking for someone to design your logo, do not hesitate to contact us!

Need a different design approach?

Like we’ve mentioned in one of our pages, do not judge the book simply from its cover. Here at Better Than Chocolate we don’t focus on the aesthetics. Instead we make it “deliciously ugly”! What do we mean by that? Well, to put it in layman terms – something that sells rather than be an object in the corner.

Our popular services includes a wide range of stuff including web designs, logo designs and even designing your html email template for your web newsletters.

In particular, web design is a highly sought after by many small business owners and bloggers alike.

web design pic

It comes to no surprise to us because many business owners are simply too busy with running their business than worry about a logo design! But that’s ok, that’s why we’re here.. to look after the stuff that you’re not looking after but considered important such as the design of your website.

But remember, we do more than just website design. Way more! So why not give us a call on (08) 9005 1433 to find out more.